Why don't you offer free shipping like Amazon?
Amazon is the proverbial 300lb. Gorilla in the room.  They have the power to essentially dictate what they will pay for things like shipping, and they deal in massive volumes in order to make a profit.  We are a small, low volume, business.  As such, for the average 6x9 hardcover book, the best shipping rate that we can get, to any Continental U.S. destination, is U.S. Postal Service 2 day priority mail for around $8 per book.  A Media Mail rate of $5 is available, however, these packages  may take up to 2 weeks to arrive.

Are your titles available as e-books?

Yes, many of our titles are available as e-books.  Please visit e-book sources such as itunes, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble and search for the title to see if it is available.

Bookstore Frequently Asked Questions

Are your titles also available on Amazon?
Many of our titles are available through other sources, such as Amazon.  We strongly ask, however, that you support our Independent Authors and purchase directly from this site.  Please keep in mind that resellers, such as Amazon, generally purchase at a "trade discount" in the area of 55%.  That means for a book that retails at $24, Amazon will only pay the Distributor $13.  When you take out the printing cost, which might be $8 per copy for a run of 1,000, you are down to $5.  The Distributor will then takes  25% off of that.  This leaves the Author around $6 per copy profit, assuming that there are no other costs to be paid, though generally editing and design costs also have to come out of that.  When you buy directly from this site, however, that Author would make in the area of $20.  Given that most self published books sell fewer than 100 copies, these extra few dollars can be the difference between success and failure.  Please support our Authors and buy directly from our site.