These Are MyGuns
“A definitive and in-depth examination of the Anti-Gun Movement’s claims and tactics, and the facts and statistics that completely refute them; written not by a Politician, Political Operative, or Media Expert with a bully pulpit, but by a regular American Citizen who is tired of seeing our rights and Constitution under attack by those who mean to control every aspect of our lives.”

America is Being Scammed
The Anti-gun, Anti-Constitution, crowd is lying to you.  Whether through intentional falsehoods or indefensible ignorance of fact, these people are, daily, spreading false and misleading information in order to remove a basic right that our Founding Fathers held so important.  They clearly understood, and are on record as stating such, that the rights of subsistence, self defense, and defense from tyrannical government are basic human rights that pre-existed any organized government and that the right to keep and bear arms, not just firearms, for these purposes is our fundamental right. Our Supreme Court has affirmed this numerous times and while they have also ruled that this right is not of completely unlimited scope, it is an individual right and the right applies to arms such as might be carried as part of “ordinary military equipment”.  The Government’s own statistics, from the Center’s for Disease Control and Department of Justice show, conclusively, that firearms are involved in small percentages, and fractions of percentages of total deaths and non-fatal injuries in this Country.  The Institutes of Medicine’s own, Obama mandated study on the “gun public health crisis”, goes so far as to say that firearm death and injury studies are based on small sample sizes because firearm incidents are “uncommon events”.  Yet, daily, law abiding Firearm Owners and Second Amendment Supporters are under assault, being called pigs and murders and being held responsible for every criminal action committed with a firearm, by anti-gun moral crusaders who wish only to completely remove a basic Constitutional, and Human, Right from the American lexicon.  And they have shown that they will stop at nothing to achieve their moral crusade, against an object, instead of addressing the actual societal issues that actually lead to the criminal misuse of that object.

Beware the Demon Rum.........................

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